Ph.D. Portfolio
Carolyn Jo Starkey
Assistant Professor, Library Education Media
Alabama State University
Copyright 2008-2009 Carolyn Jo Starkey
Experiences in academic programs are devoted to
developing individuals’ understanding of knowledge
construction, learning, pedagogy, and responsible
professional practice in the contexts of education. The
University of Alabama’s College of Education seeks to
prepare professionals who value and demonstrate
reflective practice and ethical decision making through
respecting diversity, honoring difference, and
promoting social justice.
The purpose of this web site is to
document my growth as a
technology specialist while enrolled
in the
Instructional Leadership with
a concentration in
Technology program at The
University of Alabama. My program
advisor is
Dr. Margaret Rice and my
dissertation advisor is
Dr. Angela
When I am not in classes at UA, I
teach library education media and
technology classes at
State University as an Assistant
Professor of Library Education Media.
Preparation of Professionals
Reflective Practitioners and Ethical Decision Makers
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