Course Calendar Introduction
Carolyn Jo Starkey
Assistant Professor, Library Education Media
Alabama State University
Copyright 2008-2009 Carolyn Jo Starkey
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The Ph.D. in Instructional Leadership with a
concentration in
Instructional Technology requires in its
Program of
Study 24 hours of technology courses, 15
hours of
research courses, 12 hours of educational
administration/instructional leadership courses, 15
hours of foundational courses, and 24 hours of
dissertation research. Additionally, I scheduled a few
extra research courses due to an interest I developed
in Qualitative Methods.
My transfer credits from my Educational Specialist
program at
Alabama State University (ASU) and
Jacksonville State University (JSU) include the following

    ASU EDU 512 equivalent to UA BER 600
    ASU EDU 655 equivalent to UA BEF 510
    ASU EDU 611 equivalent to UA AEL 620
    ASU EDU 570 equivalent to UA AEL 600
    ASU LEM 511 equivalent to UA CSM 570
    JSU  EDF 560 equivalent to UA BEP 641