AIL 600 Introduction
Carolyn Jo Starkey
Assistant Professor, Library Education Media
Alabama State University
Copyright 2008-2009 Carolyn Jo Starkey
AIL 600
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Course Description:
An examination of advanced applications of current and
emerging instructional technology applications in a
variety of settings and in the context of various fields of
study and job environments. Technologies and
applications addressed in the current course include
computers, the Internet, presentation media, and
multimedia. Cognitive, product, and skill competencies
are included. Cognitive competencies are integrated into
product and skill evaluations. Products are required to
reflect some competencies, while skills are either
observed directly or inferred from the products.

Course Objectives and Student Outcomes:
  • Develop basic knowledge and skills for the
    instructional systems development role in
    educational technology.
  • Develop knowledge and skills that are critical to
    success in design analyze, design, produce, and
    evaluate electronic instruction.
  • Demonstrate understanding of instructional
    systems development.
  • Analyze performance problems to determine the
    need for instruction.
  • Analyze necessary inputs (characteristics of
    learners, learning environments and learning
    tasks) for making instructional design decisions.
  • Specify appropriate objectives and measures for
    given learning tasks and learners.
  • Select appropriate instructional strategies and
  • Design and develop course outlines and small
  • Create effective media and message design.
  • Produce quality instruction for a variety of media.
AIL 600