AIL 604 Introduction
Carolyn Jo Starkey
Assistant Professor, Library Education Media
Alabama State University
Copyright 2008-2009 Carolyn Jo Starkey
AIL 604
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Course Description:
The purpose of this course is to prepare the student
with knowledge and skills in methods of distance
education that incorporates telecommunications and
computer technology to instruct students at remote
locations or to serve as an adjunct to classroom
instruction. The technology used includes telephony,
cable television, satellite communications,
videocassettes, videoconferencing, computer-
mediated instruction, and/or online computer
communication via one of the many facets of the

Course Objectives and Student Outcomes:
  • Describe past, current, and emerging distance
    learning technologies.
  • Discuss distance learning technical standards
    and needs assessment.
  • Discuss alternative distance tutoring models.
  • Discuss research and evaluation related to the
    educational effectiveness of telecommunications.
  • Demonstrate procedures for systematical
    planning, developing, and adapting of
    instruction for distance learning based on
    identifiable learner needs and content
  • Describe the development process associated
    with distance learning.
  • Discuss implications for the teaching-learning
    process when distance technologies are
    introduced as adjunct activities and/or as
    primary instructional tools.
  • Describe appropriate applications for distance
    learning in a variety of settings and with various
    types of content.
AIL 604