AIL 606 Introduction
Carolyn Jo Starkey
Assistant Professor, Library Education Media
Alabama State University
Copyright 2008-2009 Carolyn Jo Starkey
AIL 606
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Course Description:

This course is intended for students who have had
prior programming experience, otherwise they will
need to develop competences prior to taking this
course. Issues include matching the capabilities of the
medium to the intellectual structure of the subject,
who directs the interaction between human and
computer, the size of the intellectual field, and
pedagogical concerns in choosing the operations of a
software environment. Students are expected to
design and produce a project by the end of the course.

Course Objectives and Student Outcomes:

Students will develop cognitive competencies and/or
skills as indicated:

  • Design an interactive multimedia courseware
    product (computer and/or video).
  • Develop an interactive multimedia courseware
  • Use authoring and programming languages to
    develop the product.
  • Evaluate the interactive multimedia courseware
AIL 606